About Referrals

What is a referral?

If your vet sends you and your pet to a different vet for investigation and treatment, then this process is called referral. Usually, referral takes place if your pet's condition requires more expertise, or more advanced imaging or surgical equipment, than that available at your usual vet's. Referral is usually to a vet with considerable experience and expertise, and normally to one recognised by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons as a Specialist in their field.

It could be that your vet recommends you consider referral, or alternatively you might ask your vet to arrange referral on your behalf - after all, it's entirely your choice where you have your pet treated. The important thing is that you discuss this with your vet first - then your vet can contact Island Referrals and discuss your pet's condition(s) with the team here, so we can agree how best to take things forward. We will then contact you to arrange an appointment.

Island Referrals offers the dogs and cats, pet owners, and vets, of the island a convenient, exceptional, referral service, so that surgical procedures can be considered with, and carried out by, an experienced expert, close to home.  This service is provided by Ian Nicholson, a recognised and experienced Specialist in Small Animal Surgery.