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cancer (oncology)



Island Referrals is able to accept any dog or cat with confirmed or suspected cancer. We will work with you in a sympathetic and compassionate way to help you understand the options available, at what can be a very difficult time. Some cancer cases require a full team approach with Specialist surgical, internal medical and diagnostic imaging support. This allows us to cover every aspect of care which includes minimally-invasive, ultrasound or CT-guided biopsy, grading, staging and surgical planning.  

Surgery, chemo & immuno therapy and radiotherapy can be discussed for all tumour types and locations and we can aim for a cure, or for palliative (supportive) care delivered with kindness, as the situation demands it.

We work as a team, and try hard to make sure that all owner decisions are fully informed, so that pet owners can have a real choice and be supported in doing whatever they feel is best for their pet.

Island Referral’s offers the following options for cancer patients:

  • Investigation of suspected cases of cancer (tumours, growths, masses and lumps).
  • Staging of cancer cases including advanced imaging and minimally-invasive biopsy techniques
  • Open and honest discussions, to help pet owners understand the disease process, prognosis and the cost, risk, and impact of any potential treatment
  • Surgical oncology procedures – including complex reconstructive techniques if needed
  • In-house chemotherapy, with all available oral and injectable chemotherapy treatments
  • Targeted anticancer therapy via immunotherapy and vaccine therapy
  • Radiotherapy is not available for pets on the Island, but, can be arranged on the mainland if needed (and if practical)