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Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging


Diagnostic Imaging is a critical part of making a diagnosis, surgical planning, and following up patients over time. It uses incredible technology to look inside the patient’s body without harm, to look at the organs and tissues (and surgical implants). This helps the Specialists in charge of the patient work out what is happening, so they can make decisions about what to do next.

Diagnostic Imaging is also a Veterinary Specialism in itself, and at Island Referrals our images can be interpreted directly by an off-site Specialist Diagnostic Imager if needed. These vets have spent years focusing on how to interpret clinical images properly and give an excellent service to aid Island Referrals’ other Specialists.

Different body parts need different types of imaging to get the best information. Here at Island Referrals, we have outstanding imaging facilities, as follows:

Computed radiography (X-ray)
The work-horse of our imaging service, this is particularly useful for orthopaedic patients before and after surgery

  • Dental X-rays (available if needed)
  • Near-instant image interpretation by the Specialist involved, with interpretation by a Specialist Diagnostic Imager available as needed
  • Certain body parts can also be assessed with contrast X-ray studies, for example, the lower urinary tract

Top-of-the-range ultrasound unit and range of ultrasound probes, portable ultrasound unit for patient-side monitoring and intra-operative use where needed

  • Visiting Internal Medicine Specialist for excellent image acquisition and interpretation linked to further diagnostic interventions as needed, for more complex cases
  • Ultrasound-guided sampling and biopsy

Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner
Four-slice CT scanner suitable for all our needs

  • Capable of screening head-to-toe scans, and detailed scans of individual body parts
  • 3-D reconstruction of images for intuitive understanding and allows 3-D bone models to be produced for surgical planning/ rehearsal where needed
  • Specialist contrast procedures also carried out where needed for diagnosis or surgical planning (ie intravenous, sinusography, myelography)
  • CT-guided sampling and biopsy
  • Images interpreted by Specialist Diagnostic Imager by telemedicine link, and on-site by Specialist Surgeon and Internal Medic

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Gold-standard imaging for spines and brains, but also for other body parts as needed. A 1.5T scanner visits us regularly

  • Images are interpreted by Specialist Surgeon immediately, and Specialist Diagnostic Imager, and Specialist Neurologist, soon after
  • Links in with further diagnostic tests, and spinal surgery, as required

Strictly speaking Endoscopy is not part of Diagnostic Imaging, however, it does allow our Specialists to see inside the body in a non-invasive manner.

  • Island Referrals has rigid and flexible endoscopes of most sizes, to access all body parts on most patient sizes
  • We use a variety of Endoscopic Instruments to perform Endoscopic procedures like sampling, biopsy and foreign body retrieval