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internal medicine



We are working closely with Optivet Referrals to provide an Island-based Internal Medicine service. Chris Ioannides-Hoey is an experienced Internal Medicine Clinician who trained at Langford, and who is due to sit his board exams early in 2024.

Should your pet be referred to the medicine service, we will initially contact you to arrange a tele-consultation with Chris at a suitable time for you. This discussion helps Chris gain a detailed understanding of your pet’s problem, and work out a diagnostic/treatment plan with you. Some further tests may be able to be arranged at your vets, some at Island Referrals, and some may need to be run at Optivet Referrals in Havant (for example, for more urgent cases if availability is better, or if Specialist Veterinary Anaesthesia is needed) – but he will make decisions with you, the owner, about what is needed, and where it can be done, with an “on-Island first, if possible” attitude.

Chris will update you and your vets as results unfold and can be available for planned follow-ups as needed. 

Internal Medice investigates and treats a number of internal illnesses, including:

  • Gastrointestinal (vomiting and diarrhoea)
  • Hepatobiliary (liver) issues
  • Pancreatic problems, including pancreatitis and diabetes mellitus
  • Respiratory (breathing) problems, including cardiac (heart)
  • Kidney and urinary tract problems, like infections, stones, and incontinence
  • Endocrine (hormonal) issues
  • Haemolymphatic (blood, and immune system) disorders
  • Oncological (cancer) diagnosis and treatment