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MRI service

Outpatient MRI Service


Island Referrals now provides an Outpatient MRI service, which means pets can access diagnostic MRI scans on the Island for the first time.

Your vet may decide that an MRI scan is needed to understand your pet’s problem better. MRI (“Magnetic Resonance Imaging”) scanners are incredible machines, using powerful magnets to make highly detailed images of your pet’s internal workings helping us find and assess the problem area(s) and plan treatment.

The MRI scanner is on an articulated lorry, and comes across to the Island for the day of scanning. It is run by Burgess Diagnostics who are a very experienced and highly competent team.

MRI images are especially good at looking inside the brain and spinal cord, and this means that Island Referrals can now treat a wider spectrum of injuries and illnesses to the highest level, close to home.

This visiting MRI service enables your vet, you and your pet access to the best veterinary experience and advice through RCVS-recognised Specialist vets on the island. This means less travelling for you and your pet, saving stress, time, and money. You should expect excellent communication and advice, a high level of clinical and technical competence and empathy. We are committed to providing you, and your pet, with the highest level of service and outstanding veterinary care, close to home.