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MRI and CT are widely used in human and veterinary medicine and surgery, to help reach a diagnosis more easily than X-ray and ultrasound, by making a 3-D image of the body. MRI is safe and highly effective for all body parts, but is especially good at imaging the brain and spinal cord. Once diagnosis is made, treatment options can be discussed fully and a plan made.

The lorry is staffed by an experienced radiographer and each vehicle is also equipped with anaesthetic and monitoring equipment for us to ensure your pet is well looked after at all times. We will also make sure that any other samples needing to be taken at the same time as the scan are sent off to the lab for testing.

All the Island’s vet practices can refer patients to Island Referrals for MRI scan. With years of experience in developing mobile veterinary MRI scanning, Burgess Diagnostics’ highly-skilled team produce the images, and the RCVS-recognised Specialist vets at Island Referrals can use these to ensure your pet gets a diagnosis, with help from Burgess’s RCVS-recognised Specialist Diagnostic Imagers (vets) as needed.

Once all results are back, Burgess’s RCVS-recognised Veterinary Neurologists can also be called in to help ensure your vet has the most up-to-date information at their fingertips, giving them the answers they need to help advise you about treating your pet effectively, in a way you feel is appropriate. The RCVS-recognised Specialist Surgical Team at Island Referrals can operate on your pet if this is what is needed, and chosen by you.