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Eyes are incredible structures and are such an important part of life.  If anything goes wrong then swift and accurate diagnosis and treatment are vital – whatever the problem. 

We work closely with Optivet Referrals, in Havant, one of the top Ophthalmology referral centres in the country and the largest in Europe.  Their highly qualified and experienced team of vets visit us regularly to assess, treat, and follow up our eye patients. This includes performing surgery, where needed.  

This service allows local pets to access the highest level of ocular care on the Island for the first time. Where urgent assessment is needed in between these visits, Optivet runs an online assessment service.

Ophthalmology services include:

  • Assessment of all eye and vision problems
  • Medical treatment of all eye conditions, and follow-up
  • Surgical treatment of all eye conditions: on-island for issues around the eye (extra-ocular) or at Optivet for conditions within the eye itself (intra-ocular) such as glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal reattachment
  • Full ophthalmological imaging, including ultrasound, CT or MRI if needed
  • Emergency assessment available via online telemedicine service