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Pricing and Estimated Fees


Medical care costs money, and the more specialist or complex the care is, the more it can cost. There are no “fixed-price” fees at Island Referrals, because every pet, illness/injury, and owner, is different, and needs an individual approach. Our Specialists are highly experienced clinicians, and are extremely sensitive to the financial aspects of pet care. By coming for a consultation, all you are committing to is that consultation, during which the Specialist will fully assess your pet’s issue(s) and discuss their concerns and suspicions with you – so that between you a plan can be formed for any diagnostic investigations or treatment. The Specialist will listen to you, and will support any decisions you make about the options they give you.

Surgical Consultation£240
Ophthalmology Consultation£300
Surgical 2nd/Review Consultation£150
Neurology/MRI Consultation£337.80